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about coa goa


In a nutshell, COA GOA means COmes Around GOes Around.

This describes our creative desire to acknowledge that people are part of a cycle, which in our case translates to responsible design.

Our admiration for the astonishing powers of nature and its life cycles has inspired our stylish and smart upcycling.

Sails, once one with nature, holding the memory of light, wind and waves, are lovingly transformed into handmade bags and purses that embody sustainable design and detail-loving craftsmanship at their core. And so these well-travelled fibres become new companions for the style-conscious freethinker.

Our bags and purses are all-rounders: extremely lightweight, spacious and durable. With love and an appreciation for smart and practical details, all of our designs are produced under fair conditions in our own workshop in Palma de Mallorca. The special character of COA GOA products comes from the unique texture, colour and look of each individual sail, and the addition of simple and high-quality natural materials, pivoting on the recycling of the sail seam. 

As advocates of a strong cultural shift towards ecological awareness and economic responsibility, COA GOA donates to the Save the Med Foundation on every purchase made.



The story of COA GOA begins with the dear friendship between Ines and Ursu.

The story of COA GOA begins with the dear friendship between two women, Ines and Ursu.

Ines studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and, as a freelance graphic and product designer, has ever since cultivated a style that blends aesthetic sensitivity, naturalness and technical inventiveness.

Ursu brings over half a lifetime of experience as a costume designer, stylist, fashion designer and entrepreneur, as founder of a successful street and clubwear label, born in the iridescent 90s fashion scene after East and West Berlin reunited to form again one city.

The twosome share a creative spirit to turn designers into modern shamans: to sense what is in the air and, through design, to transform their perception into an expression and celebration of a harmonious and vibrant world.

Mothers and travelers, COA GOA co-founders know just how to create a special companion to store all kinds of things for all kinds of weather in life!



All COAGOA products are manufactured in our own workshop in Palma de Mallorca, in the Santa Catalina neighborhood near the port.

We believe that only a product made as locally as possible can be truly sustainable. 

Our concern is to contribute to the creative continuation of life on a damaged planet and to break meaningful new ground in terms of the Co2 footprint of our products.

Therefore, we take a material that already has a complete life cycle behind it. If we didn't upcycle the sails for our products, they would simply be trash. 


And where to find sails that are no longer needed? In harbors with sailing ships! We get our used sails either directly from the owners of the sailboats, from a crew member and also from sailmakers. When a sail comes in, we have a lot to do before it can become a bag. We check which parts are still usable and stable. Then it is cut into smaller pre-cuts, washed and finally air-dried. This requires a lot of space and a lot of working time. We think that it is definitely worth it, because in the end it becomes a durable, lightweight, well-made, daily companion in our manufactory - a Coa Goa bag.

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